The Crisis We Face – Obesity in the United States

How bad is the obesity crisis in the United States these days? Well it is approaching critical and we see kids that a so over weight they risk juvenile diabetes. When children are young and have an obesity problem they are training their bodies to operate a certain way and this will follow them through life. It is critical that kids eat right, exercise and stay slim and trim.

If these children are obese at young ages and well into their adulthood they will have multiple complications by the time they are 35 and this will overtax our already huge crisis in the health care system. If we're to have universal health care in the United States of America then we must do something about this obesity crisis now. The longer we wait the worse the problem will be.

Increased Health Insurance Costs are only part of the problem although it is critical to the quality of life and standard of living of most Americans. It should be quite evident that America needs to watch our diets. Eating right and exercising at least 30 to 45 minutes a day is said to be able to increase your lifespan by five to 10 years. Such a simple thing you can do and so few people actually do it.

Those people over 50 years old who walk at least 3 miles a day generally live 10 years longer and in better health during her final years then those who don't. Whether you are young or old you need to eat right and exercise, because your health and life depends on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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