It’s Time to Hyper Space Your Mind Map

Originally, when I learned of the mind-mapping concept which is often taught in our schools, I thought it was a decent idea to introduce students, especially younger students to cognitive thought, which might be a nice foundation for the subject of psychology later on. Now, I've reversed my thinking because the linear 2D mind-maps mislead a young child, teen, or student as to how the human mind actually works, which could cause problems later on. Okay so, let's talk.

You see, recently someone asked me about mind-maps and how our think tank treated objects and context, perhaps trying to develop a better program to do all of this electronically through software or program the essence of a more primal artificial intelligence interface system. Good idea I'd say. Still, I must say that personally, I've been a harsh critic of mind-mapping schemes, as far too many do not seem to be appropriate to how the mind actually works most efficiently, and just as the Science Tree goes off on tangents, it limits future human discoveries from the branches less traveled or clipped (deleted) from the mind map itself.

Just because there isn't a branch there doesn't mean one doesn't exist or a super-vine net cannot be over laid in a quantum way to skip or jump to secondary or tertiary ways of thinking, reasoning, creating, or solving – thus, connecting to all the knowledge, memory, information. Mind maps, most that I've seen, appear to be unfortunately – mind traps in 2D and even if in 3D if it leaves the operator with the belief that this is all that is, it forces them into in-box thinking. Not so smart.

Indeed, I told my acquaintance that maybe the mind maps he had looked at are inappropriate, why deal with increased linear complexity and diminishing returns of mapping concepts of past periods? Have you noted the recent science and research on leaf designs and how the nutrients are distributed throughout a tree leaf thus, ensuring that even if the leaf is damaged in one spot, it continues to survive regardless? Sure reminds me of the human brain cellular structures. Use what works in nature, design the rest, then you might discover that you can better the best of that evolutionary process.

What I am trying to say is this – the current mind-mapping programs are not good enough, inferior, and misleading, so, I just cannot see how that is helpful, in fact it may be a detriment and we might be doing a huge disservice to our future generations in promoting the current versions out there. Please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

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