iMindMap Version 3 – Buzan’s iMindMap Software Redefined

This article provides a brief description of version 3 of the mind mapping tool iMindmap released by the organization held by Tony Buzan, famous psychologist and educational consultant. The software termed as Imindmap3 has got its unique features and advantages for its end users. This latest iMindmap version comes with a new feature that called enhanced speed mapping mode which lets users to map things rapidly. The users have improved control on the mind maps layouts and organization of symbols and pictures. The iMindmap3 has improved look and feel which makes it appealing for professional and business users and helps in producing traditional looking maps. It also has better layout and template design compared to the previous version imindmap2.

We can also zoom in and out on a particular portion of mind map which lets us concentrate on every branch or region of the mind map and work on them separately. We can also export the mind map in different file formats by using the new version Imindmap 3.2.2. The file formats which are supported for export includes Microsoft PowerPoint, Outlook, Microsoft Excel, MS, Word, PDF and lot more. The mind maps can also be presented easily now and can be used for creating business presentations.

We can import mind maps created with other programs like Mind manager and free mind using the iMindmap 3.1. The tools for project management have been added to version 3.1 which is very special and beneficial for business users. We can also add web links to the keywords and data in mind maps and we can view the mind map elements and keywords in Gantt View in this latest version. By viewing the topics like these, we can create mind maps quickly and avoid clutters. The tools are really different and come with user-friendly interface. We would sometimes find it difficult for learning the entire features provided with this software at a stretch. By using it continuously and through repeated practice, we can gain more knowledge and get things done easily.

The torrent for this software can be obtained freely online and we can learn how to use this tool by downloading it. The software has a new tool for screen capture which lets users to take a snapshot of different portions of the map and save them separately as different files. There is an enhanced view menu which lets users to switch between different views easily. Apart from this, there is an icon library, standards and navigator menu, image library and lot more for users to choose from.

If we are annoyed with the clutters and confusions created by using different software for creating mind maps, we can be confident about this product which will be fruitful in all our day to day activities including work and personal life. We can get whatever resources we need by just clicking the mouse buttons. The iMindMap Version 3 must have been created by great experts who have excellent thinking potential. They have made huge efforts to make the software easy to use for everyone from business professionals to normal end users. The software will be convenient for everyone and is really worth the money.

Source by Emma Careyus

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