What Is a Scratch Map and How It Can Help You

If travelling is your passion, you will love scratch maps. Even if you do not love travelling, this is a great product for everyone. Scratch map is not a new thing in the market. There are many small and mid-sized companies out there that are making these types of maps for years. And the best part, these are very famous among people especially those who love travelling.

What is a scratch map?

It is a world map having a top layer of gold foil or any other scratch-able material. This top layer can be easily scratched. And once scratched it will reveal a whole new colorful world map. So the idea is to differentiate revealed countries from un-scratched ones by colors.

Once a traveler has visited a country, he will simply scratch that country revealing a colored map underneath making that particular country different from the rest of the world. This is quite helpful for travelers since they can easily see from the map where they have been and where they still want to go. For instance, if a traveler has been to France, Italy, Brazil and China. He will scratch these four countries on his map while all the other countries of the world will remain covered with golf foil.

Scratch map is a very useful thing. It is however, not mandatory for the travelers to use it. Anyone can use. It is a best learning tool too. You can give it to your child and tell her to scratch off the countries after learning them. You can also give it yo your friends and family as gifts.

Benefits of using scratch map

Here is a list of few major benefits of using this wonderful world map.

  • It is of great help for travelers. They can easily keep record of the countries that are next on the list. There is no need to maintain diaries and usual world maps in order to keep track of the places.
  • It can also be used as a learning tool for kids. Give it to your child today and I am sure within a couple of months, she would have learned all the countries of the world with their locations.
  • You can use scratch map special editions that are country maps where you can scratch cities and other famous places. So if you are not a tourist or traveler you can still use it. Just buy a scratch map special edition of your home country and start tracking the cities and places where you have been.
  • It is a great gift. You can send it to your family and friends as a gift on their special days. No need to buy it rather go to an online store that sells scratch maps, order one and send it as a gift to the address of your loved one.

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