Sherry Brescia’s ‘Great Taste No Pain’ Book – Is it True Or False?

There are so many new diet fads promoted today that you no longer know which one to take up and which to discard.

The lifestyle of the human being of the 21st Century invites a huge number of ailments mostly owed to inadequate eating habits and lack of physical exercise. In the USA alone you will find more than 70 million people consuming OTC (overt-the-counter) medication for pain related to digestive disorders spending a whopping sum of 42 billion dollars every year; it is almost impossible to imagine the figures representing such statistics worldwide.

Sherry Brescia's book does not bring in any new premise. A health insurance researcher by profession, Sherry who spent more than 15 years of her life looking for the right answers for a diet that promotes health and eliminate digestive-related pain, came out with this book that promises you life-changing advice without asking for any drastic change to your lifestyle. In it, you will find the key that closes the door on all digestion-related pain forever. Amazing.

Is this true?

From what we hear, it seems that this system is a huge hit because it over-delivers. In fact, she is so sure about the effectiveness of her diet-system that she offers a free trial of 4 days whereby you could test-drive the program. You will have 13 wonderful breakfast-lunch-dinner recipes that will eliminate all pain just-like-that, overnight. The results and impact is so amazing that most people become instant believers.

Sherry Brescia maintains that you need not bend over backwards to adopt new and unpalatable diets in order to stay healthy and fit. All you need to know and do is learn and follow the right combination of foods so your body maintains an alkaline base. The acid creating foods, she says, are at the root of all the troubles related to digestion, and almost always result in lifelong suffering and pain.

If you believe the reviews, the book, ‘Great Taste No Pain' is just what it says it is – the translation in simple terms of the secret for freedom from stomach related pains. The diet she recommends is surprisingly simple, remarkably tasty and very nutritious; it just could not be better. She explains why you should learn how to combine foods correctly when you prepare a meal. Wrong combinations result in higher acidity and breeding ground for digestive problems; on the other hand, right combination promotes health and completely eliminates pain. There are easy-to-follow charts that will guide at every step.

A patient of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) herself, Sherry admits that she knows from her own experience how debilitating stomach ailments could be. Further, her profession had brought her into close contact with thousands of people suffering from various ailments that caused them pain without any hope of retribution.

What everybody likes about this book is that it does not curtail you from consuming any type of food. It just explains to you the importance of combining foods correctly so you would avoid the creation of excess acidity in the body. It is extremely relieving to find a diet that says you can eat all you want – beef, chicken, pork, venison, turkey, chocolate, vegetables, fruits, you name it – and be healthy; the only change it advises is to combine foods correctly.

This is definitely not too big a sacrifice, when you consider that such a diet change could bless you with complete freedom from all digestion-related pains and give you excellent health.

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Source by Paul A. J.

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