What is it About Maps?

Have you ever looked at a map and become totally interested and scanned each area over and over again, memorizing the landscape, names of towns, streets, cities and states? Have you ever picked up a giant Atlas book and spent hours looking it over? If you have you are certainly not alone and when looking down on a map or map book it's almost like an aerial view of things. Many people are so intrigued with maps that it is almost amazing.

If you love maps and map books, if you are someone who loves to use Google Earth and understand the layout of the land in relation to everything else, then let me recommend one of the best giant atlas books that I have ever seen. In fact this is the Atlas that I own myself;

“The Times Atlas of the World; Comprehensive Edition” by John Bartholomew & Son, LTD Edinburgh; 1967

Each country and state is listed along with all the major cities in each. All the resources are also listed, populations as well. Energy resources, natural resources, agricultural resources, weather and animal distribution. The Moon's map is also in this book, along with all the ocean floors to the best of mankind's ability at the time of publication. Earthquake faults, volcanoes and every island, all included. The Atlas has broken the world by continent and region, with information about each.

Although, the boundary lines and names of many nations have changed since then, this Atlas is spectacular in every regard, it's where I go to answer questions about our World, even before I hit the Internet for the updated information. Get an atlas for your family and you'll be glad you did.

Source by Lance Winslow

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