Got Hemorrhoids? Acai Berry to the Rescue

Hemorrhoids is such a prevalent problem that it's likely half of the male population will experience this pain-in-the-rear by the time they turn 50. Why? Simply because today's “average” lifestyles encourage the development of the little buggers. Thankfully, that South American wonder-fruit — Acai berry — can help keep hemorrhoids from ever bothering you.

Hemorrhoids are caused by many things, but most often by a sedentary lifestyle — and it's likely you have one. If you spend most of your working hours sitting down, for instance, and if you spend most of your time at home on the sofa watching TV, then yep, you're susceptible. A sedentary lifestyle also encourages a bad diet and obesity, which gives hemorrhoids an even better chance to develop.

Acai berry has been used for centuries to maintain an ideal body weight. It does this by hiking the metabolism to burn more calories, heightening testosterone levels to keep men from putting on fat, and suppressing the appetite with its essential nutrients. Regular Acai use also helps boost your energy levels throughout the day, encouraging exercise and a more active lifestyle.

What's more, one of Acai berry's essential nutrients is fiber — lots of it. Since hemorrhoids are also sometimes caused by straining during bowel movements, Acai can give you enough fiber to soften the stool, helping you finish the job in one minute or less. (That's the healthy rate, by the way.)

Hemorrhoids is just one of the many common, but very uncomfortable, medical conditions that Acai berry can prevent and treat. To maximize the results, find Acai products tailored to a male audience — some women-oriented Acai products simply won't do the job for a man like you!

Source by Mike F. Madrazo

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