Mental Toughness – Wake Up to Reality

It is true that we are all hypnotized to some extent. We can become conditioned to react in certain ways and adhere to old beliefs about the world, others and ourselves that are no longer helpful or useful. Some people may worry that they cannot be hypnotized, when in fact they have already hypnotized themselves. For example, they may have convinced themselves that they are “bad”, “not good enough” of little value and have low self worth. As a hypnotherapist it is often my job to de-hypnotize people from their restricted views and beliefs, so that they can better adapt to the changing reality in their lives.

In this article, I have included some thoughts on updating our maps of reality. Sometimes we are all in a self-imposed trance and need to wake up to reality.

Updating Reality

Our view of reality is shaped through our experiences. We form an internal map with which we navigate through the world. If our map is accurate, we know where we are and how to get where we want to go. The closer our map is to the truth of reality, the better our vision to see obstacles and navigate around them. As reality changes we need to update and revise our maps and this takes effort and work. Not only does the world around us change, but also our place within it. At times we may be healthy and at other times sick, or rich and powerful or poor and vulnerable. Some people will stop adding to their map after adolescence, many will stop by middle age. People who have ceased adding to their maps remain convinced that their map is accurate and therefore their view of the world becomes fixed and dogmatic; they are no longer interested in updating new data. Their view of reality is tired, jaded, out of date and unproductive. Consequently, life becomes more difficult and frustrating. For those of you in the UK who have seen the TV program “Grumpy old men/women” this is an example of people desperately holding onto outdated maps and becoming increasingly frustrated with a changing world.

Updating our maps in light of new and sometimes sudden information can be a painful process. In order to avoid this pain we may ignore the new reality or rebel against it. We may try to change reality and mold it into our outdated maps. We may transfer our maps that helped us survive in childhood into adulthood where they are no longer appropriate.

Change and reality is avoided when it is painful. Stress can be defined as change and fear of change. Revising our maps, seeking truth and reality takes courage. Moving away from delusion and suffering discomfort is vital to our continued survival, therefore we must learn to welcome pain in order to find and sustain reality and truth. This applies to individuals as well as organizations.

Hypnotherapy and Rational Thinking are effective tools to challenge and update your thinking and beliefs so that they are adaptive and “getting you where you want to go” You can learn how to use your creative subconscious to guide you towards your goals. You can update your self-image and build your confidence and self-esteem.


Phil Pearl

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