The Importance of Mind Maps

A lot of researches have been done in order to developed and strategize the effective ways on the process of learning for students. For developing students with creative thinking in a modern environment world of today, we need to always be well ahead of everyone and that is why the mind map concept is important to students who wanted to achieve their dreams. This method is a learning process which involves graphical way in representing ideas and concepts. It is like a visual thinking tool that helps you structure information, analyze a topic much better, comprehend, synthesize, recall and also generate new ideas easily. In other word, the information through mind map is structured in such a way so that it can help your brain works faster.

Some of the elements that make the mind map method important is the simple and short text used enabling you for easy understanding its content, along with it's not too small font size so that your eyes will not feel tired when looking at it, plus also feeling bored because of reading it. Graphical signs being used in your mind map such as arrows, squares and round shapes definitely help you to create network interface for easy understanding of certain topics. By adding picture drawing or sketches for explaining certain content in selected topics will provide easy understanding, plus also strengthening your memory on each of the related pictures involved.

You must also determine the gist of the content and also the facts by underlining the wordings which is relevant to the related topics. Sketching of symbols and graphic along with certain color is a good technique in doing mind mapping so that you will be able to understand easily and quickly. Practicing the usage of the mind map can be done by individual students or even through a team of students so that they can learn to collaborate and cooperate effectively not only during their learning process but also in their daily life. When a student have mastered the art of mind map techniques, they will be able to acquire analytic skills on whatever sketches or symbols they intend to portray in the mind map notes. This is important because all of this exercise will in the end generate an analytical attitude to the students.

According to a writer named Dilip Mukerjea who wrote a book called “Superbrain” in 1996, through a mind mapping method a person will be able to…”learn MORE, remember MORE, use LESS paper, invest LESS effort…” or in other word this method enables a person to gather lots of knowledge, upgrade one's ability to memorize information without wasting lots of papers and energy.

Source by Anna Peacocks

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